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Pablo T.
DevOps Engineer
Amazon Aws
Docker Cloud

With over a decade of experience in information technology, this professional excels in developing innovative and efficient solutions for real-world challenges. Certified with two AWS recognitions, they are well-versed in the largest cloud services market. Their technical proficiency spans across .NET C#, SQL, JavaScript, and NodeJs, among other programming tools and languages. Adept at designing, implementing, and testing high-quality software systems, they consistently adhere to best practices and architectural standards from conception to delivery.

Possessing strong management capabilities in team, project, and process oversight, this individual skillfully coordinates multidisciplinary teams, establishes guidelines and best practices, ensures code quality, and fosters collaboration and teamwork. Their expertise in project management includes resource coordination and effective communication with stakeholders, enabling them to lead complex projects from inception through to final delivery.

A notable professional achievement includes the comprehensive architecture development and technical leadership for high-performance systems in a tourism startup environment. Serving as a Solutions Architect, they were responsible for planning and implementing resilient, highly available, and reliable solutions that generated income opportunities during the pandemic. This role required close collaboration with various business units to deliver effective and sustainable technological solutions.

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