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Gobstones is a programming language designed for introducing young students to basic computer science concepts. The language was created by Neil C.C. Brown in 2000 and named after the magical game Gobstones played by characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. To write programs, one specifies how many times the stones are thrown on each field visited, depending on their color. This allows for simple conditional statements and iterations without complex syntax or semantics common in other programming languages like Java or Python, making it easy for beginners to understand the core logic behind computing without being overwhelmed with intricate commands or structures from more advanced languages. Alongside teaching programming skills, Gobstones helps develop problem-solving abilities through logical thinking tasks that involve understanding relationships between colors and algorithms used to throw stones according to specific rules laid out at different game positions throughout gameplay — as students define rules using Gobstones' code constructs based off pseudocode representations of these instructions within the language's environment provided during lessons at schools where it's taught — providing a playful way of learning about software development principles from an early age while aiding cognitive development.

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