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HaxeFlixel is a free, open-source game development framework that allows independent developers to create 2D games for multiple platforms. It's based on the Haxe programming language and builds upon the predecessor Flixel, a flash-based tool used for creating 2D games. HaxeFlixel maintains many of the same features as Flixel but extends its compatibility to beyond Flash by supporting deployment targets including HTML5, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and consoles. This makes it one of today's go-to engines for rapid cross-platform game development without losing focus on great performance and engaging gameplay mechanics. In addition to being free and open-source with an active community contributing improvements and extensions, HaxeFlixel provides a combination of high-level utilities like animations systems or cameras that come along with lower-level access when needed — great both for beginners learning about game design concepts as well as more experienced developers looking to bring their visions into reality.