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Uno Platform

Uno Platform is a cross-platform application development framework enabling the creation of single-codebase apps that can run natively on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Utilizing C# and XAML, it provides an implementation of the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs to ensure compatibility across all platforms. Uno enables adaptive user interfaces that adjust to various screen sizes and input methods, eliminating the need for separate code bases for each platform.

Uno was created by nventive's developers in Montreal, Canada. Their expertise in cross-platform development and deep understanding of Microsoft technologies led them to develop Uno as a solution for creating applications that could smoothly operate across multiple platforms while maintaining a single codebase. This simplifies the development process significantly by reducing both time and effort needed to create and maintain these applications.

The platform stands out due to its unique features like creating single-codebase applications using C# and XAML that run natively on multiple operating systems. Its implementation of UWP APIs ensures broad compatibility, while its adaptive UI capabilities allow seamless adjustments across different devices without needing distinct code bases. Additionally, Uno offers a rich set of controls and tools tailored specifically for cross-platform development. Despite facing competition from frameworks such as Xamarin, Flutter, React Native, and Apache Cordova—each offering unique features—Uno’s approach with UWP APIs integration enhances productivity and ensures high-quality application performance across diverse platforms.

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