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Apache Derby

Apache Derby is a Java-based, open-source relational database management system that offers both embedded and client/server modes. This versatility allows applications to run within the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or support multiple users with network access to databases. It implements features of SQL:2003 and supports JDBC, making it particularly suitable for small-to-medium-sized projects where ease of use and integration with Java applications are prioritized over performance or extensive feature sets.

Originally developed by Cloudscape Inc., the database went through several acquisitions, eventually becoming IBM Cloudscape before being donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2004. Under Apache's stewardship, it became known as Apache Derby. The project aims to provide developers with a powerful yet simple database solution that is easy to integrate into Java applications.

Apache Derby stands out due to its embedded format which simplifies deployment by eliminating the need for a separate server. Its ability also extends to client/server mode for broader use cases involving multiple users and networked environments. Competitors like SQLite offer lightweight, self-contained solutions; MySQL provides reliability and scalability; PostgreSQL is known for advanced features and adherence to SQL standards. However, Apache Derby's strength lies in its seamless integration with Java applications, making it ideal for developers focused on simplicity and convenience in small-to-medium-sized projects that leverage Java technologies.

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