A bit about us​

Howdy was created in 2018 to enable access to US opportunities to candidates in South America.

Talented developers are everywhere but the best opportunities are focused in only a few select cities in the US.

Howdy is here to bridge the gap and bring you Silicon Valley opportunities and support you along the way.

Mission and purpose

Silicon Valley companies don’t outsource their engineering culture by working with the traditional outsourcing model (and they definitely don’t build world-class product teams with an army of freelancers…). That is why our platform helps the best US product companies build their own teams in South America: we have a people-centered business model. Our whole ethos is developer first.


Senior Level Developers






Million USD
in funding

Investment in the future of work

We’re backed by the same people who brought you Twitch, Gitlab, Docker, Coinbase. Gitlab, AirBnB, Heroku, and others.
With investors like Y-Combinator (W21), Obvious, Greycroft, and SoftBank,  Howdy is not alone in changing the way developers work for US startups.

Our leadership

Jacqueline Samira

CEO & Founder

Frank Licea

CTO & Co-Founder

Rod Sellustti

Director of Operations

Oscar Mariani

Director of Engineering

Claudio Lombardo

Director of Business


Engineering mentors from the very start

Our Engineering Mentors are at the core of our business.
They focus on the well-being of the developer from onboarding to creating a longterm career growth plan. They flatten the learning curve of a new role for the developer and help our teammates navigate the relationship with their partner.

Meet the team

Our community of senior level developers take on challenging roles. The community supports each other and allows developers to learn and grow with each other.

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